Showmanship breaks for the 2023 JNHE are now posted. Any updates or changes must be submitted
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Eight Hundred Hereford Youth Prepare to Make a Mad Dash to the Hereford Bash

The 2023 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) is making the Mad Dash to Madison Wis., for a Hereford Bash, July 8-14. “Mad Dash to the Hereford Bash,” will be held at the Alliant Energy Center, and the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) is excited to announce 2,051entries from 802 junior members are preparing to dash north for one of largest junior beef breed events of the year.

Excitement is at a high level as exhibitors from 38 states and Canada plan to participate in more than just another livestock show. NJHA members look forward to competing in educational and leadership programs throughout the week-long event, ranging from the future professionals contest, Hereford Bowl, speech and sales competitions to the Bridging the Gap College and Career Fair. Alongside these contests, the Hereford Youth Foundation of America awards $29,000 in scholarships to deserving junior members who applied and went through a rigorous interview process in May.

Showmanship breaks for the 2023 JNHE are now posted. Any updates or changes must be submitted to Bailey Clanton, by end of day Tuesday, June 13.
Please be aware that the AHA ran spring compliance for the Whole Herd TPR program on December 19, 2022. To make sure your cattle have EPDs in the show program please go to, if you are a user or contact AHA customer service by email at If you have overdue items please complete them, you will then need to contact AHA Customer Service by email at or by phone so you can be reenrolled in Whole Herd TPR. All updates NEED TO BE MADE prior to Thursday, June 15th.


*Texas and Michigan’s TB Free Zone*
All cattle, regardless of age, will be required to have a negative individual TB test within 60 days of entering Wisconsin.
If the Texas or Michigan animals originate from a currently accredited TB-free herd, individual TB tests are not required, but the accreditation number and date of the last whole-herd TB test must be on the CVI.

Wisconsin has no reciprocal agreements with other states regarding the use of tattoos and registration numbers as identification. As a result, breed association tattoos and breed registration numbers are NOT accepted as official identification. In addition, brands are not accepted as official ID. Please refer to the 2023 Health Requirements to see a list of Acceptable ID's.

A fun and interactive way for all states to help support our pipeline of leaders! The National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) Board of Directors and the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) are excited to unveil this Mad Dash to the Cash fundraiser and create a way for states to encourage their juniors to participate in leadership and educational events on the national level. Purchase a lot for a chance to win some MAD CASH and support all of our state junior organizations. The funds gathered from this sale will go into HYFA to create grants offered to all state junior organizations based on an application.


Food's on us, you bring the fun. Thanks to the Wisconsin Junior Hereford Association (WJHA), National Beef and all our Mad Dash supporters, we are providing the food and invite state associations to bring a fun activity for junior members to enjoy. The fun will get started right after opening ceremonies and the start of the Mad Dash 5K Race. The NJHA Board will be hosting Corn Hole For a Cause with all proceeds going to the National Queen’s service project and the WJHA Goose Chase Challenge activity is being planned as well. NJHA members we ask that you sign up today for Corn Hole For A Cause, the Goose Chase Challenge as well as Bridging the Gap and the NJHA Membership Meeting and Dinner. RSVP deadline in July 1st.



The Early Bird Registration deadline for the 2023 Faces of Leadership conference is quickly approaching. The event will be held July 23-26 in Columbus, Ohio, where we are Preparing You for Your Future. Early Bird Registration is due June 15, with a Final Registration deadline of July 1.


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